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Athens Monastiraki Why GreeceThe nation of Greece is steeped in history and culture and boasts an impressive range of manmade attractions. In addition, Greece is steeped in natural beauty, and the year round sunshine makes this the ideal destination for people who want to enjoy a fun filled holiday. People who arelooking for Greece holidays will be able to take their pick from a whole host of different options, which include stimulating city breaks and the chance to unwind in stunningly beautiful beachside settings.The city of Athens is a great place for first time visitors to Greece to start their trip. Among the many highlights that are just waiting to be discovered are the world famous Acropolis, Zeus’ Temple, the National Archaeological Museum and Panathenaic Stadium. The Agora ancient market is a great place to browse for bargains while soaking up the market?s intoxicating atmosphere, while the lively Plaka district is a great place to explore after dark.
Hydra1 Why GreeceAfter exploring all that Athens has to offer, visitors to Greece can hop on over to the Saronic Gulf islands. This group of enchanting islands includes Salamis, Aegina, Spetses, Hydra and Poros, which are all very popular among holidaymakers and receive large numbers of year round visitors. However, people who are looking for a slightly quieter piece of paradise should check out the Sporades group, which can be found further to the north of Athens. This archipelago includes islands such as Skyros, Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos, all of which are easy to get to and feature a good range of amenities as well as plenty of space on the stunning sandy beaches to stretch out for a while.
Meteora Why GreeceGreece is also a good destination to explore by car, and driving around Greece is the perfect way for independent travellers to really get the most out of their trip. Within easy driving distance of Athens are the impressive Meteora monasteries, which have been preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Other exciting destinations that can be reached by car from Athens include the mighty Mount Olympus, the Peloponnese and ancient sites such as Mycenae, Epidaurus and Corinth.
Lefkas Egremnoi Why GreecePeople who wish to escape from the tourist scene altogether should drive down to Paxi, which is steeped in natural beauty while being largely overlooked by tourists. Lefkada is also known for its intense natural beauty, while the remote Ionian islands are also a good place to head for people who crave a little peace and quiet.

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  1. To smell the salt and fish, to see how different blue can ever exists, to touch the ruins, to taste ouzo, to hear the waves over the greek speech and to feel the nature (by your 6-th sence)

  2. The Saronic Archipelago is the prime yachting area in Greece and is not far from Athens and its port, Piraeus. This group of Greek islands is composed of Angistri, Aegina, Methana, Poros, Salamina, Spetses and Hydra – all of which have a lot to offer visitors: natural beauty, clean sandy beaches and small deserted islets to explore.

  3. Just be wary of pickpockets in Athens. Also, if you plan to be on any beach areas in Italy and Greece, just be sure not to have your prpssoat, valuables, etc. with you or keep them on you at all times! It’s way too easy to fall asleep when laying out, and you become a target for pickpockets. In terms of cabs in Greece, just make sure they have an official sign of some sort i went all over Greece in ’00, so i don’t remember how to tell if it’s an official cab (if it’s a sign on the door, a window decal, a light on the roof) just look at what the travel guides say about legit taxis and remember it. Oh but do check the meters when you’re in a taxi, b/c if you don’t tell them to reset the meter the second you get in, you’re stuck if they end up overcharging you.and drink LOTS of water! Athens is steamy in the summer.

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