Top 10 reasons why you should choose to visit Greece in 2012

SANTORINI FIRA Top 10 reasons why you should choose to visit Greece in 2012

The New Year incites each of us to think about and plan new travel experiences or even relive, past, joyful ones. With diversity in landscapes, experiences, alternative activities, gastronomy & wine and a culture starting from ancient times, to name a few, Greece offers a plethora of reasons for which one should visit. We have tried to limit ourselves to the top 10 reasons, in no particular order, for which a hopeful traveler should choose Greece as their next destination.

1. Because you’ve never been here before. Didn’t have the chance to visit Greece yet? Traveling to Greece for the first time is a life-altering experience. The unique culture and the beauty of the spectacular landscapes, alone, are enough to amaze you. Add on the rest Greece has to offer and prepare yourself for a long-lasting experience that you will remember forever.

2. Because you’ve been here before. Greece is the place where wonderful experiences never end. There is always more to explore, to discover, to see, to taste, to feel. Expand your senses in a place where the elements of nature offer countless possibilities. Can you recall the thrilling emotion of your first time here? Well, we can assure you that it never fades.

3. Because of its great climate. Perfect climate conditions allow every visitor to enjoy every season across the country. Not too hot but not too cold, Greece delivers the ideal climate that offers everyone the opportunity to enjoy memorable holidays with a wide range of activities.

4. Because it’s easy to get to (…and hard to forget). Whether by car, ship or airplane, Greece is easy to reach. So, what are you waiting for? Book your ticket now and live the Greek experience.

5. Because of its natural diversity. Greece has great diversity and a range of places and landscapes that cannot be found together anywhere else. Here, you will find something of everything. It’s like having a miniature world, where everything is included: from countless beautiful islands and awarded beaches, to huge snow-covered mountains, great forests and spectacular castle – cities.

6. Because of its monuments and UNESCO heritage sites. Get the chance to see, live, some of the most amazing monuments of the world, such as the Archaeological Site of Delphi or the breathtaking medieval town of Mystras, in the Peloponnese.

7. Because some things, you can only find in Greece. Tasting mastiha, made solely on the island of Chios, climbing the inimitable geological rocks of Meteora and diving in yet-to-be discovered coves, are just a few examples of what Greece has to offer. You do not want to miss the chance for such rare and special experiences.

8. Because Greece is the island empire. Greece is the land of the islands. Islands of different shapes and sizes; different personalities; different possibilities. Where some of the most beautiful beaches of the world are waiting for you. Here you will get the chance to relax body and soul, under the sun, enjoying crystal blue water and fun activities.

9. Because of the extraordinary taste of Greek cuisine. The world’s most exquisite Mediterranean flavors are before you. Food here is ten times better and healthier not only because recipes have been perfected over time, by generations of Greek families, but because Greek food is based on fresh products.

10. Because of the Acropolis and the New Acropolis Museum. The meeting point of Greece’s past and future, holding the origins of Western civilization.


  1. There are SO MANY places to visit around the world that I hate going back to the same place twice. However I fell in LOVE with Greece and have since been back twice- and I wouldn’t mind going again! Yes there are TONS of beautiful islands and they are a must see but I’d also suggest spending some time on the mainland. in addition to Athens, rent a car and drive to Cape Sounion. You’ll get some of the local flavor and as much beautiful coastline as you would from any of the islands.
    I heart Greece!

    • Thank you Amy for your comment! Mainland can be as exciting as the Greek islands and has so much to offer. We will be glad to welcome you in Greece once more whenever planned. You can go ahead expressing your love for Greece by writing a post.

    • Dear Amy, everyone in Greece is happy to explain to visitors what really means “filoxenia”. We hope to see you again….somewhere in Greece :)

  2. It is true that Greece has so much to offer to any visitor, its natural beauty and archaeological sites have always fascinated me and my family. However, I strongly disagree that it is each to reach the country, it is easy to reach Athens and the big islands served by major tour operators.
    We always travel on an individual basis and this year (in early June) the family wanted to go to Paros and Antiparos. First of all, we live in Hannover and obviously we don’t have many flight options. Moreover, we cannot find any tickets Athens-Paros, as Olympic airways has no flights yet and the same applies for Highspeed ferries. We are very frustrated and will eventually book some other destination – unless you can really make it easy for us to reach the country.

  3. I fell in love with a Greek man 36 years ago and have lived in Athens since! Although it did take a long time to fall in love with the country I absolutely adore the life here in Greece and am very envious of people who live in some of the magnificant parts of this beautiful country. My love of the place has been helped along by all the wonderful guests who come to stay in our Bed and Breakfast in the outersuburbs of the city of Athens. I became to understand the reason why they came back again and again to Greece.
    I must encourage anyone having doubts about Greece/Athens as to whether it is safe to visit. Absolutely, absolutely YES. Please do not let the country and the people of Greece down – come back to Greece !

    • @Janet Wilkinson
      Thank you Janet for your lovely words! Greece is indeed ‘the place’ to fall in love! We are so glad to hear that you’ve stayed here and we would like to ask you to share your experience through a blog post if that’s ok with you. Thanks in advance! :)

  4. Have been to Aegina twice, once in 1982-4 and then 2010, still a great place, much cleaner than the 80′s.

    The Sunsets are always spectacular, the food great and plenty of things to just sit back and watch.

    Would love to come back this September and as much asIi would love to stay, need to be sure that ferries and buses are still reliable so that I can reliabley get there and back to New Zealand

    • @Karen
      Thank you Karen for your comments! Aegina remains a great destination and we can reassure you that ferries and buses operate normally. We look forward welcoming you this coming September and you can also post your experience here.

  5. I first visited Greece about twelve years ago when my sister worked in Athens and I have been going back every year, sometimes twice in a year. Each time I introduce new friends who like me, now keep going back. This year there are about 20 of us and maybe more. Every time I visit I have a new experience. Last year we went to northern Greece and hired a car. The mountains were spectacular. I’ve been to several of the islands including Santorini and Naxos which is a particular favourite. I once took a train to Nafplio….. beautiful. But one thing that always makes Greece a special place for me is the people. Despite the economic problems that Greece is having I find the Greeks a proud people. I am always made welcome and Greeks have a wonderful sense of humour. As a visitor on holiday, the Greeks give me an experience that money couldn’t buy. Long may my friends and I keep returning. There is still much to see. X X

    • @ Richard Collins

      Thank you Richard for your amazing words. We are very glad to hear that you keep coming back to Greece and experiencing new things. We would love to see a post from one of you experiences so far!

  6. I have loved Greece ever since I came in 1968. I lived there for 15 years. I have visited Greece whenever I get a chance. It is time to go back and visit my home away from home. My family and hope to make back this year.

    • @Maxine

      Thank you Maxine for your lovely comments! After living in Greece for 15 years we are certain that you have multiple experiences to share here with us. If it’s ok with you, we would love to see your personal experiences in posts as a guest blogger or you can send it over via email on

  7. First of all, I would like to say that I loved the blog and all the tips you give us. I am getting married on June’2012, and me and my fiance are thinking of going to Greece on Honeymoon trip. But, I must say that the last news about the crisis made us a bit worried. So, would like to ask you if you advice us to go there or should we go somewhere else. Visiting Greece is our dream, and we would be frustrated if we couldn’t make it. But we also care about our safety and want to spend a joyfull and good time, without big troubles. Lot of love from Brazil.

    • @Renata Prado

      Renata thank you very much for your comment! First of all congratulations on your wedding. We wish you both eternal hapiiness. We assure you that things here are as normal as it gets. Pick out the destination you like, plan your honeymoon in Greece and live an amazing experience you will never forget .

  8. Well done. Great article to promote Greek tourism in such a difficult year. We have included the blog link to all our social media sites and to a recent email campaign. Atleast everybody invloved in tourism should promote this article.
    Please add another reason: Greece is a very safe country, especially compared with our neighborhood

    • @Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort

      Thank you very much for your comment and your efforts to promote Greek tourism in general. Besides its beauty, Greece is indeed a safe and wonderful destination for individuals and families, any time of the year.

  9. And don’t forget that the best way to explore the Greek islands is by sea. Either island hopping by ferry boat or with your own private floating hotel/apartment. A Sailing yacht or catamaran is really the way to go and you don’t have to be a sailor to set sail, a private professional skippers adds so much more to your holiday experience as he will show you the best bays, beaches, small (fishing) ports and can even help you explore the Greek cuisine!

    • @Walter

      Thank you very much for commenting on this post. Indeed, one of the best ways to explore the magical greek islands is by sea. For those who desire water activities and especially sailing, Greece has a lot of magnificent islands and coastal places to discover

    • @William A. Schnur

      First of all, thank you very much for you comment! considering the cost, we kindly inform you that it depends on a lot of things, such as your departure point, your final destination and of course the season you wish to visit Greece.
      Surely, taking the ferry from Italy is an affordable way, especially if you wish to travel to the Ionian Islands, ( or the magnificent coasts of the western mainland of Greece.
      Finally, many airline agencies schedule numerous flights to Greece and in the high season period there is an increase of charter flights and destinations, which suggests you’ll be able to find more options and prices.

      You might this link helpful

      We hope this helps and look forward welcoming you in Greece!

    • @ Ruth Kozak
      You are absoluteley right Ruth! Thank you! If you liked Mani, you will also be impressed by the destinations at Keep discovering the stunning beauties of Greece and keep sharing your experiences with us!

  10. kalimera,
    first of all because of the people.then because of the sun,of the beaches,of the turquise waters,for the unique cusine, for the history, for the landscape….
    because I’m felling this country like a second home
    this year I have planified to discover 2 more beautiful islands in my summer holiday:Kephalonia and Lefkada.can’t wait anymore

    • @Radu
      Kalimera! Thank you for your beautiful comments! Kefalonia and Lefkada are truly amazing destinations with marvellous beaches, such as Porto Katsiki and Egkremnoi in Lefkada and Myrtos and Platia Ammos in Kefalonia. Our next week’s front page at will be dedicated to the Ionian Islands! Stay tuned!

  11. Greece is very expensive, especially in terms of value for money. And the service is unacceptable especially in Athens. We found better and cheaper holidays in Spain, Turkey and Malaysia but this only for a longer holiday.
    And our friends were mugged in central Athens and they were not the only people in the hotel. The hotel personel treated them like they were guilty and the police told them to avoid the dangerous parts of Athens, they meant central Athens where the museums are and the parks!

    • @Andrew P
      First of all we would like to thank you for your report. We are deeply sorry for the unfortunate incident that occurred to you. Hardly ever are safety problems reported to us, as Athens is considered to be a safe place for tourists. Would you like to help us by giving us more information concerning the incident so that we investigate more on the subject?

  12. Its been 26 years since I’ve been to Greece and I can’t wait to go again. It will be interesting to see if Greece leaves the Euro. In my opinion if they do it will lead to a massive boom for their tourism industry as you will find the Scandanavians, English and Germans who are going to Thailand will start to holiday in Greece again.

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