Thessaloniki welcomes tourists with koulouri, souvlaki, bougatsa and gyro!


Thessaloniki Food Festival Thessaloniki welcomes tourists with koulouri, souvlaki, bougatsa and gyro!

Koulouripita, gyros, souvlaki, vromiko: For the Thessalonians, part of their daily food culture, their tradition, their pride. For visitors to the city, delights they should not miss for the world. Street food Thessaloniki … The tasty secrets of the streets!”

This text includes information on the action “Tuesday evening we eat out with 10 euro” within the Gastronomy Festival organized by the Municipality of Thessaloniki, and appears on two banners dominating the arrivals hall of the airport “Macedonia”, as a welcome message to visitors to our city from around the world.

The photographs that make up the banners, which wrap around the two central pillars of the airport in the international arrivals hall, are the result of research carried out by students at the University of Gastronomy in Turin, Italy. The students visited Thessaloniki following an invitation of the Deputy Mayor of Culture and Tourism, the organizing principle of Thessaloniki Food Festival. They explored the “winning cards” of “street food”. With this creative initiative, they wanted to urge visitors to discover this highly affordable and tasty culinary tradition of the city.

The “delicious secret roads” steal the show, tempting tourists to dining experiences during their strolls around Thessaloniki.


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  1. Please keep it going unitl the 23rd September, I will arrive then and am missing out…. so cruel hahahaha, Well done and keep promoting yourselves, it is nice to know that at last efforts are being made to bring people to your fantastic country.

  2. That sounds yummy; thnkas for sharing! The words “kid friendly” are always good and “quick and easy” are my kind of meal! Question on the Pita bread; do you split the bread or just toast it “as is”? Our sweet girl is into Pita Bread now yea!Thank you for the photographs I’m a visual gal.

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