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crete food Gastronomy in Greece   Cretan Food

It is our strong belief that Greek cuisine has four secrets: good quality of fresh ingredients, correct use of flavourings (herbs) and spices, the famous Greek olive oil and simplicity.

During a recent trip to Crete, Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott explored the island of Crete. They both had the opportunity to discover the diversity of food in Crete and as they say: “When it comes to Cretan food, you could say it features the three F’s: freshness, fragrance and family.”

In a recent article on Uncornered Market they write:

Cretan cuisine is one of foundation, not of complicated sauces. Its strength lies in the quality and freshness of its ingredients, the use of wild herbs and greens, and purity of taste. And not to be forgotten, the copious use of olive oil, Crete’s liquid gold.

We’ll touch on the ingredients and philosophy of Cretan food before diving into some of our favorite appetizers and sides, mains, desserts and drinks — and where we consumed them. The goal: so you don’t come to Crete looking only for gyros and souvlaki.

Let’s dig in!

Read the complete article here


    • @PurpleTravelKate

      Thank you Kate! We agree with you. Besides the amazing gastronomic experiences, Greece is a place to celebrate all your senses!

  1. I absolutely agree!! Cretan food is amazing and however you can try prepare some thigs from “the same” ingredients at home, it will never taste the same … Can’t wait to go back there again :)

    • @Kasia
      You are truly right, Cretan food is amazing indeed! And it becomes even more delicious when enjoyed by a waterfront taverna on the beautiful island of Crete! Do you agree?!

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