Films, Made in Greece!

Skopelos Island Fb Domenico Albertini 2 Films, Made in Greece!

Skopelos© GNTO/photo Domenico Albertini

The unique colours and sounds of Greece and the eternal beauty of the Greek landscape can be shared by everyone through the films that have been shot here…

Greece: one of the most favourite movie locations! Hydra, Kefalonia, Skiathos,Skopelos, Amorgos, Kastellorizo, Delphi and Pelion are only some of the destinations that provided the perfect setting for films that later received international acclaim. Many of those films have become “classic” and epitomize the Greek spirit via romance, passion, defiance, tragedy, forbidden love, guilty pleasures, and all else in between.

The international success of films such as “Zorba the Greek”, “Never on Sunday”, “Stella”, “Ilya Darling” and “Boy on a Dolphin” had the participation of all-star casts and directors and went on to receive Academy Award nominations. They continue to be favourites amongst cinephiles and are part of the annual Greek Film Festival at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. In addition to foreign movies, Greek cinema holds a special place with global audiences, highlighted by the golden age of cinema during the 50s and 60s, with elements of film noir that remain timeless.

Greece provided the perfect setting for the touching film “Big Blue” filmed on the island of Amorgos. Corfu and Meteora had “major parts” in two James Bond sequels, and the sea and sun of Greece also starred in the numerous current day hits, romantic comedies and musicals such as “Lara Croft Tomb Raider”, “The Bourne Identity”, “Mediterraneo” or “Summer lovers”; films that gained high billing and box office attendance.

Watch Never on Sunday (1960), Phaedra (1962), The Other Side of Midnight (1977), Mediterraneo (1991) Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (2001), Mamma Mia (2008) or the latest My Life in Ruins (2009) and immerse into the magic of the Greek landscape! And why not? Choose your next holiday destination and become the protagonist of your own movie!


      • i learnt that the greek oyclpims started in 776 BC and people all over the world came to watch. Inside the temple of zeus the statues king of the gods were 7 times the size as a man. Winners at the greek olmpics might marry a rich women and get free meals and some of the best seats in the theatre. Round about 50000 people could sit in the stadium. Married woman were’nt aloud to go to the olympic games

  1. Stavros beach in Crete is one of my favourites, doesnt get the exposure that Anthony Quinn brought to Rhodes though.

    Suprised they havent done a film on the Victoria Hislop book “The Island” based on Spinalonga in Crete.

    • @Jock in Crete
      Crete has wonderful beaches indeed! Last year, there has actually been a TV series in Greece based on Hislop’s “Island” and it was met with great success. The writer had stated then that she was not interested in a proposal coming from Hollywood.

    • Its so fucking nice on Crete i was htere on the semmur it was Awesome !! We lived on a hotel caled Menia Hotel .. they had a resturant / Pub pools the hotel was just over the beatch and the oceon. We went to The Blue Lagune and a fort on a island whit cactus !!. . that was Awesome It was like a dream men !! Just laying there and stere up on the mountains when you are laying in the warm warm whater all green blue and just chill. Just you,the wind , and the sun! damn what i want back!

  2. Amazed you didnt mention Rhodes – the guns of navarone to name but one!
    Jock in Crete – The island or ‘To Nisi’ was dramatised in an amazing series by Mega channel and you can see episodes on you tube with english subtitles. There are also details about the filming of the series and Victoria Hislops decision to tuen Hollywood down on her blog. ;)

    • @Elisabeth
      You are absolutely right about the information on the series, thank you for sharing them with us. About the films that were not mentioned, remember that the list of our guest blogger was not exhaustive. There are so many films shot in Greece that it’s not possible to name all of them in one single article!

    • Did you know that I have never been to Greece? All my friends have been yet I haven’t. It sduons like a lovely place! Hang on a minute, I have been to Cyprus, is that part of Greece? Could you find out for me?Mr. Mitchell

      • @Joseph
        You should definitely come to Greece then! There are endless destinations to explore! Cyprus is a different country than Greece…

  3. I recently spent 3 weeks on Skopelos and really enjoyed the crystal clear water of several beaches there. Panormos beach was my favorite with little stones and water so clear you can see the bottom.

    Can you recommend a beach in the greater Athens area that has beaches similar to this? I have looked everywhere from Porto Rafti to Sounion and most are croweed dirty beaches without clear water.

    Any help in finding a clear water beach in Athens?

    • @Steve
      We are glad you enjoyed your stay in Skopelos Steve, it is a wonderful island indeed. Well, Attica boasts some clear beaches as well. We would recommend you: Psatha (pebbly beach), Legraina (near Sounio) and Porto Germeno (sandy beach), which are quite far from Athens yet accessible by KTEL-bus (check out at for the schedules) as well. Closer to Athens and easier accessible by public transportat are the beaches from Varkiza to Saronida (check out at for the schedules). The bus going to Saronida is E22, departing from Sina str (metro station Panepistimio). Alternatively, you can always take the ferry from Pireaus and visit one of the Argosaronic islands -situated at the closest distance from Athens- boasting wonderful beaches and interesting sites.
      I hope we helped! If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

        • @Steve
          I think that you do not need to worry, Greek waters are considered to be very safe. Psatha beach as well. Maybe it was just an isolated incident…Enjoy your holidays!

        • Cool perspective, both with regrad to age like this, and this presents the Cretan land . All the best! Regarding the presentation page – little sign of the old logos in the Greek styling. VA: F [1.9.7_1111] please wait … VA: F [1.9.7_1111] (from 0 votes)

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