The Sound of History

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1 The art of music The Sound of History

As a craftsman I recognize two kinds of music; One is created by the pull of a guitar string, tapping a piano key or blowing a flute. The other -however- can be found in workshops of various trades when the craft’s tools sing under the artisan’s hand. These are intertwined with the desires and needs of mankind and one must immerse in both to truly understand a culture…

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Reasons to visit Greece with your motorhome

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kanali 02 Reasons to visit Greece with your motorhome

When 8 years ago we bought our motorhome it was very difficult to imagine how drastically it would had changed the way we perceive the meaning of traveling. The keyword is obviously independence. Our new “home”, a magic turtle shell, allowed us to wander from place to place, living simply and frugally, enjoying places and making experiences that we could never have had traveling in the conventional way. Read more