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Γειά σας tourist!… It is not just a matter of learning the language, but its body language as well!
A learner of Greek myself, I have realized over time that the language loses its meaning if it is not accompanied by body gestures. Greeks make use of gestures a lot in order to reinforce what they say. Thanks to the immersion programs, I have been able to understand the language through semiotics much more. Similarly, I have also adopted some of the most typical Greek gestures – which sometimes I use unconsciously in my home country – as part of my learning process. The Greek semiotic body language cannot be totally understood if there is not any kind of language immersion. Besides, Greeks highly value it every time I say some words in their language as shown by their warm reaction. Just a simple καλημέρα! /kalimera/ (good morning!) makes their day. However, be careful with body language! Why? You’ll see… Read more

OPA! Finding Meaning in Greece

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TheOPAWay FrontCover OPA! Finding Meaning in Greece

When we think of Greece, we often think of the whitewashed houses with blue doors and shutters painted to match the colors of the national flag and the sea and sky. We think of the many islands where tiny fishing boats lay docked in the forefront of sandy beaches and vast rolling hills filled with olive groves. And of course, we think of the many ancient buildings and sites of great architectural and historic significance, as well as the origin of the Olympic Games.

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