My Big Fat Greek Cat

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cat My Big Fat Greek Cat

© Jessica Ramírez

Greece is a magical destination. For any traveler, there’s nothing better than the combination offered by a sun setting behind a calm sea and urban landscapes worthy of endless pictures, an exquisite and varied gastronomical tradition, imposing classic temples that have remained standing through the years, myths that tell the stories of relentless heroes and seducing deities and… an amazing amount of furry and chubby cats? Read more

A journey into a dream world on the Oianthi

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10530892 874604282554544 1265919347252589326 n A journey into a dream world on the Oianthi

Or, to put it another way, how to fit an entire summer into one moment. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t dreamed of summer in Greece. Anyone who hasn’t yearned to get there. Anyone who, after it’s all over, hasn’t longed to return. Maybe it’s because Greece conceals inside itself a piece of our lost childhood. A piece of that bygone carefree age when we had endless free time and our worries were practically non-existent. A time when we could hear the sea in a shell and sandcastles seemed to stand impregnable in the face of successive waves. A miniature paradise within us which has been all but forgotten over the years, the path that led to it now faded, disappeared.

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Koufonissia, Greece: Secret Seaside

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Kasteli Koufonisia Koufonissia, Greece: Secret Seaside

The sandy beaches that rim Ano Koufonissi’s south coast give onto cerulean blue sea of a hue that seems confined to artists’ palettes, seemingly impossible in reality. Hidden away between the larger Cycladic islands of Naxos and Amorgos, Koufonissia (plural) is made up of two tiny islets, Ano Koufonissi (Upper Koufonissi) and Kato Koufonissi (Lower Koufonissi), which are separated by a 200-metre sea channel.

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Text by Jane Foster

How to experience Greece – the Greek way

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 shutterstock 188928890 How to experience Greece – the Greek way

Idyllic lagoons, antique architecture, one of the eldest cultures in the world, great food & great weather – this is Greece through and through. But ask a traveller what they love about Greece the most and they’ll most likely answer: the hospitality! The tradition of generous hospitality toward strangers has its roots in Greece. Here is how you can discover Greece – the Greek way.

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