OPA! Finding Meaning in Greece

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TheOPAWay FrontCover OPA! Finding Meaning in Greece

When we think of Greece, we often think of the whitewashed houses with blue doors and shutters painted to match the colors of the national flag and the sea and sky. We think of the many islands where tiny fishing boats lay docked in the forefront of sandy beaches and vast rolling hills filled with olive groves. And of course, we think of the many ancient buildings and sites of great architectural and historic significance, as well as the origin of the Olympic Games.

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Travelling in Crete – The Food!

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crete 1 Travelling in Crete   The Food!

Field climbs to right beyond terrace

One morning, while I was writing Cally’s Way on my mountainside terrace, an old woman wearing a kerchief stopped by on her way to the steep vacant lot next door, where herbs and artichokes grow in profusion. Pulling a sprig of fennel out of a cloth pouch attached to her apron, she smiled.
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6 Historical Monuments in Greece

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Ancient Corinthos 8 GNTO 6 Historical Monuments in Greece

The cradle to the Western Civilization, the ancient country of Greece lies in Eastern Europe with its capital based in the mythological city of Athens. Located at the tip of the eastern European peninsula the country is bordered by the Aegean Sea bordered by Albania, Bulgaria and Turkey. Greece has been known as the birthplace of the western civilization and is known for its culture that dates back to the early stone age and contains several remnants of the old world. Greece has provided the world with several important inventions, technological developments and discoveries that have been essential for the development of civilization. Greece is a country endowed with a rich culture and glorious history which is still preserved in the innumerable monuments located in the country. Listed below are the top visited monuments in Greece. Read more