Time Stands Still – Parga, Greece

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IMG 8816 2 1024x682 Time Stands Still – Parga, Greece

There is so much to love about Athens. Some of the most valued antiquities in the world, incredible food, and non-stop entertainment. Sometimes, we need a break, to slow down. Your immediate thought might be Santorini or Mykonos. But Greece has so much more to offer than just beaches and the Pantheon. Parga is an idyllic village that lazily lounges on a hill overseeing the Ionian Sea. Read more

Top 10 things to do in Greece

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If like me you’re from the UK or the seemingly cold lands of Northern Europe in general then summer is well and truly over for this year. I didn’t get my big dose of all things Greek this summer as planned, it seemed the gods did not favor it for 2014. So instead I’ve had to be content with looking at travel guides replete with gorgeous images of sun kissed beaches, wondrous ancient monuments and monasteries which seem to touch the very clouds themselves.

As I have gazed through the plethora of things to do in Greece I decided to put together a little top ten list of all the great things I’d like to see on my next trip. Okay it would have to be one heck of a big trip to take it all in in one go, but this is a dream holiday and whilst we’re dreaming let’s not let real life get in the way.

1. The Acropolis & Parthenon

1. Parthenon Top 10 things to do in Greece


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