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Γειά σας tourist!… It is not just a matter of learning the language, but its body language as well!
A learner of Greek myself, I have realized over time that the language loses its meaning if it is not accompanied by body gestures. Greeks make use of gestures a lot in order to reinforce what they say. Thanks to the immersion programs, I have been able to understand the language through semiotics much more. Similarly, I have also adopted some of the most typical Greek gestures – which sometimes I use unconsciously in my home country – as part of my learning process. The Greek semiotic body language cannot be totally understood if there is not any kind of language immersion. Besides, Greeks highly value it every time I say some words in their language as shown by their warm reaction. Just a simple καλημέρα! /kalimera/ (good morning!) makes their day. However, be careful with body language! Why? You’ll see… Read more